Hi.  I’m Dave.

I’m a passionate digital marketer.  I’m one of those strange “Jesus guys,” you may have heard of.  I have an amazing wife, Jodi, and two sets of twins.  Yes.  Two.  The girls are 20 and the boys are 12.  I live about an hour west of Philadelphia.

I started by career as a wedding emcee and then went into real estate as a realtor.  I started generating leads through a website I built for my real estate business.  My business partners and I grew that business to be one of the fastest growing in the country, and we were listed in Inc Magazines Fastest Growing companies in the country.  We used the experiences of search, social, email and other forms of marketing to help others grow their businesses through an agency we started in 2007.  That agency is still going strong today without my day to day involvement.

I still consult (on an extremely limited and specific basis) and speak at events all over the world.Wondering about something I didn’t cover?  Let me know.


Before anything else, my goal in life is to do my best to share the love of Jesus Christ through my actions to all of those that I interact with.  I’m proud of my faith and like to think that it spreads through to all areas of life.  I believe that we are spiritual beings on a human journey not human beings who experience spirituality once in a while at an event or at church.


My family life is extremely important.  I have an incredible wife, Jodi (who is an entrepreneur as well) and two sets of twins.  Matt and Marc at 12 and Emily and Haley are 20.  My wife, Jodi, is very involved in our community as well as organizations like Soroptimist International.


Personally, I am a die hard Yankees fan, Apple addict, and a bit of a “foodie.”  I love trying new restaurants, wines, micro brews, etc.

A Heart For Haiti

My family and I feel strongly about the people of Haiti. Specifically, a small village there called Lespinasse.  There is great need for education as they have no public schools.  If we can educate them, teach them how to educate new generations, and provide them with ways to sell their products and services, we can help them to help themselves.  That’s our mission.

Here is a video of one of our previous trips:

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