Charities Worth Donating To and/or Watching

While I don't claim to be Charity Navigator, here are some charities that my family and I work closely with that you may want to consider getting involved with financially or otherwise.

Support A Conklin Family Mission Trip!

Our family goes on many trips each year where we share the love of Christ through serving people in their local communities.  In 2015, we are praying about Baltimore, MD (USA), Ukraine, Haiti, Dominican, Africa, and others. You Can Support Our Trips Financially Here:

ServeNow Ben Foley Lars Dunberg

After 50 years of helping orphans, widows, the underprivileged, and sharing Jesus; Founder, Lars Dunberg, found himself not comfortable with retirement. So, he and his daughter started ServeNow. Their growth and impact is an unbelievable story. Currently, India, Uganda, and war torn Ukraine are the main areas of focus for ServeNow.

Human Kind Water
You can buy Human Kind water at Walmart, mini markets and more… and every time you do, 100% of the profits go directly to getting clean water in areas where people are currently dying regularly because they don’t have access to clean water. Specifically, my wife and I support the Give 100 Foundation, which keeps the whole thing alive and moving.

Compassion International
My wife and I have had the opportunity to meet many of the children that we support and actually see, with our own eyes, how the money we contribute is spent. We have been nothing but amazed. Many times, the letters that are sent to your compassion kid are cherished. You could be the only “parent” they have as many of these kids are orphans, as well.

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