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My name is Dave Conklin.  I have been in digital marketing since 2000.  I built an Inc 500 company and have been hired to speak all over the globe about the digital marketing strategies I used to build my businesses in the past.  One of the folks who hired me years ago, was Ken Courtright, the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant.  I love hearing about personal experiences when I’m thinking about working with a firm, so I thought I’d take the time to write down some of mine here.

How Did I First Meet Today’s Growth Consultant Founder, Ken Courtright?

TGC's Ken Courtright & Dave ConklinI founded a digital marketing agency in 2007 called ProspectMX.  Upon it’s founding, I published a chart that broke down all of the ways that a person could increase the rankings in Google of a website.  Along with the college textbooks that printed the chart in their materials, and the “industry famous” bloggers who mentioned it on their websites, Ken Courtright found it.

Ken contacted me and asked if I would come and speak to his group of what he called “authority site partners” about how to market their websites and build more credibility and revenue online.  I did.

The TGC Event Was Awesome

Screenshot 2014-03-11 20.10.45Ken had his authority site partners come to the college where he graduated, and we had a full day workshop, showcasing different ways to increase a websites rankings.  Everyone learned a lot and left excited.  There were concrete companies, wealth builders, technical people, property investors, and so many other people from so many different career paths.  But all authoritative experts in their industry.

Staying In Touch

Ken, and the Today’s Growth Team, continued to stay in touch as the years went on.  We were often asked to come on board to help them with one-off consulting projects and to assist with high end marketing campaign development.  It was awesome.

Conklin Courtright Families - Dave, Jodi, Ken, Kerry, KidsKen and his family hosted my family in different locations including his home town of Minooka, Il as well as Naples, Florida.  Our kids have actually grown extremely close and often talk about their involvement in School, church, and community activities.  I have and continue to learn so much from Ken.  One of the most notable being how to work really hard and often, yet make sure that your family gets high quality time with you at the same time.

The Transition

In January 2014, Ken and I began to discussing opportunities for me to focus on Today’s Growth Consultant full time.  This was a HUGE thing to debate over in my mind because in order to make that happen, and do it ethically, I would need to leave all of the companies that I had helped to build over the years.  I would have to do so without asking for much in the way of compensation from my existing business partners.  Understandably, the Today’s Growth team would need my attention having other commitments would be unfair.  At the same time, my existing business partners relied on me and I needed to be sure that my parting of ways from a time perspective wouldn’t negatively affect them financially.

After many weeks, we came to an agreement.  I met with the individuals in leadership at my existing companies and made the transition.

Today At TGC

So today, I serve as Today’s Growth Consultant’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).  I oversee the marketing for more than 400 websites, and I am having a BLAST.

There is an incredible team in place, that gets better all the time.  I think the best thing about it is that when changes in digital marketing happen, our focuses change.  We stay on top of the industry and make sure that we are always using best practices to grow and marketing the sites we have marketing leadership with.

I have recommended personal friends to partner with Today’s Growth Consultant, and will continue to do so for years to come.

The Pros – But Wait – Where Are The Cons?

Todays Growth Consultant Team

So, wait.  It would be completely unfair for me to not be transparent and talk about some of the challenges when I have spent an entire page writing about the awesome stuff.  So, here are some challenges we face:

  1. The changing search landscape.  Google changes the way that it ranks websites… wait for it… WEEKLY.  So, we have to constantly change the way we do things.  We believe in creating great stuff, and spreading the word about it, as a basic principle to growing a sites popularity… and that concept will always work.  What doesn’t always work are the methods used to do so.  This is why we make sure that we attend events, every year, like CEOSpace & Mozcon.  We stay on top of what’s happening – but it takes us a few weeks to properly implement the changes.
  2. Authority Sites – Commitment To Quality Content.  The term “quality content” is subjective.  Here is our definition… Content that is much better than anything out there already because it’s more in-depth or funnier or “telling,” etc.
  3. Growth.  We are growing.  Fast.  With this growth comes challenges that any popular company experiences with scaling, etc.  How do we combat this?  We hire great people who know what they are doing and bring people up under them that are brite and can learn from the best.

So, there you go.  “Today’s Growth Consultant” from my perspective.  If you’ve gotten this far… congratulations!  🙂

Here is a slideshare that talks a little about my experiences as well:

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